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Apprendere dall’esperienza dei Pii a Milano

Autore: A. Balducci

Pubblicato in: Urbanistica n. 145, 2011, pp. 30-32

Strategic spatial planning in uncertainty: theory and exploratory practice

Autohors: A. Balducci, L. Boelens, J. Hillier, T. Nyseth, C. Wilkinson

Published in: Town Planning Rewiew 2011, pp. 481-501

Planning as agonistic communication in a trading zone: Re-examining Lindblom’s partisan mutual adjustment

Authors: R. Mäntysalo, A. Balducci, J. Kangasoja

Published in: Planning Theory 2011, pp. 257-272

Strategic environmental assessment, strategic spatial planning and the politics of local knowledge

Authors: A. Balducci, C. Calvaresi, K. Zimmermann

Published in: Rob Atkinson, Georgios Terizakis, Karsten Zimmermann Sustainability in European Environmental Policy. Challenges of governance and knowledge Routledge, Abdington, 2011, pp. 131-146

Articoli e saggi